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A decade ago, I had the honor of serving the Davao City Chamber of Commerce as President for two consecutive years. This year, history repeats itself. As I am again Serving Davao City Chamber for the second consecutive year as President, however in an utterly challenging time, I must say.

In 2021, we have taken in full swing the Chamber and the business community of Davao with our theme, REBOOT, RECHARGE, RECOVER, RESET 2021. We have all together pushed that restart button and take on the challenge to learn how to deal with the pandemic head-on. We discovered strategies of approaches that are befitting to the demands of the time. We pivoted and adapted. We may have sprawled and met dead ends, but it never hindered our great reset.

This year, 2022, we will be bolder and stronger as we reap the fruits of our perseverance and persistence. We have established our advantage by strengthening our ties with strategic partnerships with different organizations and international trade enterprises. The Economic Surge is ON indeed. We will continue to focus on Digital Transformation and Innovation. And as remote working becomes commonplace, a high performing, reliable and engaged workforce is imperative. Thus we will look into programs that will focus on upskilling and retooling our workforce that is competitive in the global arena. We shall bring forth limitless partnerships and boundless opportunities in 2022.

Now more than ever, I am so blessed to have the support of my family, my husband Dr. Tomas, and the support of the hardworking Board of Trustees of 2021 and the dynamic Board of Trustees of 2022. I would also like to give my heartfelt gratitude to the Past Presidents and the Honorary Life Chair of the Chamber for the support in my leadership and unending guidance. And to our PMTs for the hard work in executing all the plans and programs for the benefit of our members and the business community in general.

I say we are all In THIS TOGETHER..ALL HANDS ON DECK for Metro Davao and Mindanao……Economic Surge 2022: Limitless Partnerships, Boundless Opportunities.